Shopping in Neapolitan Riviera

The enitre area of Naples and the Neapolitan Riviera is rich in food and crafts. If you're looking for produce to bring home there are biscuits (sweet and savoury); wonderful cheeses such as provolone del Monaco from Vico Equense (with a Slow Food award) or fior de latte from Agerola; dozens of varieties of pasta made with egg, tomato and spinach; plus a host of sauces, liqueurs, olive oils, and, of course, fine red and white wines produced in the region.

Here's what you can expect to find in the shops in destinations around the Neapolitan Riviera.


Famed for its lemons and the limoncello liqueur, Sorrento has a host of shops where you can find both; or take yourself to I Giardini Di Cataldo (Corso Italia 267; 081 878 1263;, opposite Da Franco's pizzeria) where you can wander around the lemon grove before sampling the produce in a granita or limoncello before making a purchase. Sorrento is also famous for its intarsio (marquetry). There are many shops selling intarsio, but for a look at a contemporary take on the art, head for the Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea which devotes its ground floor to the work of new designers.


Synonymous with the jet set, there is no shortage of designer shops to be found on the island of Capri, as well as smaller craft shops producing handmade sandals (a tradition that goes back to Roman times) and Capri pants (slightly more recent). You can also find limoncello here. Small artisan perfumeries specialise in making scents from herbs and flowers found on the island, and the most famous of all is Carthusia (Via Camerelle 10; 081 837 0529; – legend has it that the first perfume was created as far back as 1380, while history says that the Prior of the monastery found some recipes and, with the permission of the Pope, created a small laboratory to produce them. To find out more visit Shopping in Capri.


Fo chocolate fiends there can be no better treat than a visit to Pansa, where you'll find wonderful cakes, pastries, sweets and chocolates. Another Amalfitana speciality is the lovely hand-crafted paper that can be found in little local shops or at the Museo della Carta.


Everywhere in the region you'll see the ceramics of Vietri – as floor tiles, dishes and plates, and decorative wall plaques –  so why not visit the town itself and pick up your own? If you don't want to go that far, there is a fine ceramics shop – Studio Fes (Via Roma 24, Minori; 089 2143659; where my namesake, designer Marco Fusco (no relation, sadly, or I'd have pushed for a 'friends and family' sconto (discount)), shows his wares. You can see his work in many of the shops in Minori but I was particularly taken with the fab fish tiles in Il Pontile

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