Glasgow nightlife

Glasgow’s soul is ruled by the post-6pm pint. The city’s working-class roots are tied to the local pub more so than perhaps any other city in Europe - with the exception of Dublin - and from Monday to Sunday the patrons of the city’s bars and back-street watering holes sway and stagger as they always have done. But in keeping with her modern swagger, Glasgow is also a stylish madam: visitors are as likely to find an award-winning cocktail bar or theatre venue as they are a vintage wood-panelled pub.

I’ve recommended in my guides below what I consider to be the best pubs, bars, music and theatre venues and – in keeping with the city’s eclectic style – a few random scene stealers as well. The list of my favourite bars and late-night venues is as long as my arm but I’ve tried to be selective. There really is something for everyone: karaoke bars for the plus 50s, underground candle-lit drinking dens for literary bohemians, hard-hitting trance and dub clubs and sophisticated whisky bars with waiter service. As the locals say: Slange Var!

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