Chester nightlife

Just like shopping in Chester, a night out in the city is treated as a sport by some.

Nubile young women compete on skirt lengths while footballer-wannabe types fight for the hand of the girls in the shortest. Students in jeans tussle with their wallets to find the cheapest bar, while the older drinking set battle with the weight of their wallets in the swankiest joints. It sounds like a horrendous mix, but actually everyone seems to know their place.

In my guide - How to have a good night out in Chester - I’ve recommended what I consider to be the best spaces, mainly in Chester city centre, for a drink with a touch of class, something unique, a fun but not extreme atmosphere and/or a drinks bill that won’t leave you in need of a stiff drink to steady your nerves. You’ll find lively bars, a club in which to dance the night away, a selection of magnificent pubs to sup a quiet pint or glass of wine, and a couple of live music venues.

See How to have a good night out in Chester.