Los Gigantes nightlife

A handful of karaoke and cabaret bars are dotted around Los Gigantes' main street in between bars showing live sports coverage and UK soaps. At midnight the plug gets pulled and the resort heads to bed. Liveliest of the venues are the Wine Bar at the Harbour Club (Avenida Jose Gonzalez Forte 26, +44 845 366 7272)  and Highland Paddy 3 (Flor de Pascua,5; +34 922 86 11 75; www.highlandpaddy.com).

Take the Tamaimo road out of the village to the Tajinaste restaurant and you'll discover one of Tenerife's most popular live bands, Traveller Blues Band (www.travellerbluesband.com ) who have a regular fortnightly Friday night spot there.

Further along the coast at Puerto Santiago is the ever popular Route 66 bar where excellent resident band Old Dogs, New Tricks (http://olddogs-newtricks.com) pack the audiences in nightly.

New kids on the west coast nightlife block are the Playa San Juan bars of Atlántic and Paloma Bar, which have cottoned onto the fact that good live entertainment brings in the customers and now have shares in the Traveller Blues Band regular gigs guide.

For a more laid back scene, head to little Alcalá where the only nightlife you'll find that isn't on the end of a fishing hook is the Escondida (Calle Pasaje el Ancla; +34 922 86 50 80; www.escondida.es) - a restaurant and chill out lounge where, when the kitchen closes the owner hangs up his apron and picks up his guitar and you can enjoy some impromptu jam sessions.

Los Gigantes is in Tenerife. For general advice on nightlife in Tenerife, see my Tenerife nightlife page.