Soller nightlife

Think Brighton with better weather. The past few years has seen the Puerto Sóller develop hugely as a destination and the pretty corniche that sweeps around the bay is now lined with hip lounge-bars serving designer cocktails to a DJ sound track. That’s not to say the atmosphere is ‘cooler-than-thou’. What’s nice about this resort is its relaxed, casual vibe and friendly disposition.

The hotels Aimia Hotel and Hotel Espléndido both have pleasant terraces for an evening drink, while the resta-club Randemar dances to a funkier beat with killer cocktails and sounds you can groove to. If you prefer something a little more, well old school Spanish, check out Bar Albatross (C/Marina 48, no phone) on the port where you’ll find locals chewing the fat over glasses of Rioja.

On the road from Palma-Sóller, Son Amar (Ctra Palma-Sóller s/n, freephone from the UK 9 007 12345, is an old stone manor turned Vegas style fun house. 60 euros buys you a four-course meal with champagne, plus an ‘espectaculó’ as we say in Spain that includes conjuring, dancing horses and acrobats.

Soller is in Majorca. Click on Majorca nightlife for more after-dark options.