Lisbon nightlife

Libertine Lisbon is certainly a town for creatures of the night, with all manner of revelry to be found. Be it in the form of warehouse raves, chi chi cocktail bars or spit-and-sawdust taverns, no matter what your program, there’s something for everyone. However, everyone’s night usually starts in Bairro Alto, a maze of hilly cobbled streets, filled with pokey bars. It doesn’t really matter which you choose as most folk bring their beer out onto the never-ending street party outside.

From here, people splinter off into their various nights. The choice is roughly split between the big warehouse clubs along the river, the commercial clubs of Docas, the historic and alternative bars of Alfama and the more upmarket bars and clubs of Santos. Lisbon nightlife starts late and finishes early in the morning and it’s a small enough city to allow you to mix-and-match more than a few venues. 

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