How to get around Tenerife

Outside of Santa Cruz and La Laguna where a tram system operates, getting around Tenerife is reliant on the Titsa bus service, car hire and taxis. There are plans afoot for a light railway that will connect north to south but at the moment there are no trains on Tenerife.

Getting around by bus

Buses on Tenerife are known as guaguas (pronounced wah wahs).

The Titsa bus company ( run a reliable and clean service around the island which, for commuting between major resorts and towns and from airports to main centres, serves perfectly well.

You can check out routes, times and fares on the website or you can pick up horarios (timetables) at any bus station.

Invest in a Bono card for 12 or 30 euros worth of travel at bus stations and kioscos (kiosks) wherever you see the green 'Bono' circle and it will get you up to 50 per cent discount on journeys. The further you go, the better the discount - for example you can travel from Puerto de la Cruz to the South Airport for just 9 euros. The card is usable for any number of people, just tell the driver where you're going and how many people and insert the card into the machine once for each person. Once used the card shows how much of your 12 or 30 euros credit is left for future journeys.

Bono cards can also be used on the trams in Santa Cruz and La Laguna and give discounts on entrance to museums.

Getting around by taxi

Taxis are white with a green or red light on the roof for available and occupied respectively and you can flag them down anywhere.

There are numerous taxi ranks dotted around major resorts and even the smallest of resorts have at least one or two taxis operating.

Taxi ranks in the resorts of the south have boards which show the standard fare to most major destinations so you know what you're paying before you get in.