How to get around St-Tropez

Despite its world-wide celebrity, St Tropez is only a small town or a big village (depending on your definitions). It has a permanent population of a bit more than 6,000 and a centre you can walk in 20 minutes, top-side, even if you don’t walk very fast.

In addition, many of the central streets are barely wide enough to accommodate three top models standing side-by-side, let alone any form of motorised transport.

All this is by way of saying that the only way of getting around the village / small-town of St Tropez is on foot.

Getting around by scooter

On the other hand, the most famous beaches – notably Pampelonne Beach – are a little way out of town ... some four miles by road. You can leg it there by the lovely Coastal Path (see Coastal walk on my St-Tropez Things to do page) but that’s seven miles and three-and-a-half hours of anyone’s time.

Hiring a car is out of the question: you’ll spend all day snarled up in traffic and swearing profusely. Strangely, there is no regular shuttle or public transport between the village centre and Pampelonne beach. And, though smarter hotels generally lay on their own shuttles to and from the beaches (and, indeed, the village, if they’re a bit off-centre), that’s no use to people not staying in these smarter hotels.


You might take a taxi, which will cost you plenty, or consider my preferred option and hire a bike or scooter. A bike will suit the sportier, for there are some tough little hills en route. A scooter will mean you arrive at the beach a little less red in the face. Rolling Bikes (14 Avenue General Lecrerc; +33 494 970939; will fix you up either way - with a bike for 15 euros a day, a 50cc scooter from 40 euros.

It's also quite fun to see St Tropez, its bay and headland from the sea. Hour-long boat trips leave from the port ('Vieux Port'), indicating points of interest in English-language commentaries. If she is on her little private beach, Brigitte may wave at you. Or she may not. Head for the Transports Maritimes Tropeziens sign (+33 494 550992; It's 8 euros for adults, 4 euros for under-10s.