How to get around Vienna

Finding your way around the capital is easy. Distances within the centre are all manageable on foot and, because over two-thirds of its inhabitants walk or use the excellent public transport system to get to work, heavy traffic is rare.

Tube, trams and buses

Easy to use, inexpensive and punctual, Vienna's public transport network is fast and efficient, a trip from the outskirts to the centre takes half an hour.

The Vienna Card includes three days of unlimited travel on the whole network (including tubes, trams and buses), plus a number of reductions in museums, shops and other institutions, for 18.50 euros. You can buy it online ( If you think you might not need a 3-day travel ticket, there are other options. The cheapest single day “shopping” ticket costs 4.60 euros, it's valid for multiple rides from 8am – 8pm, Monday to Saturday. A 24-hour ticket 5.70 euros; 48-hour for 10 euros; and a 72-hour ticket costs 13.60 euros. A single ride ticket can be pre-purchased for 1.80 euros or you can buy a ticket directly on buses and trams (look for the orange-coloured ticket vending machine located behind the driver; tickets cost 2.20 euros). Online ticket can be bought at and from here you can also purchase an additional airport transfer ticket.


Hiring a cab from Schwechat Airport into central Vienna will cost somewhere in the region of 35 euros and the trip takes about 20 minutes. See more about getting to the city from the airport here: Vienna flights.

In Vienna all official taxis have a TX on the number plate, are metered and can be hailed down if the roof-top sign is lit, just make sure you can be seen and raise your hand. If that doesn't work look for a taxi-stand - these are located close to all the big hotels and major sites – or call for one on 60160, 40100 or 31300. Make sure you know your whereabouts so they can find you and tell you how long a wait it will be. And if possible have your destination written down to show the driver. Surcharges apply for trips at night and for transporting luggage.


See Vienna car hire for more on getting about using a car.

City bikes

Bike paths cover quite a large area of the city, and at 61 stations you can find city bikes to hire for any length of time, taken from and returned to any station. You'll need a Citybike Tourist Card, available for two euros a day, which allows access to bike terminals where a bike can then be taken from the station; the first hour is free. For more information visit