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Simonseeks is a way to share your travel experiences on the internet. You write your own articles, or guides about your favourite places to travel, submit them, and we will do the rest.

We do have to verify that any guides submitted are of an acceptable standard before we publish them. The guides need to be intelligently structured and well-written, the spelling must be checked, they should include recommendations for a hotel or other accommodation. And of course, every picture tells a story - people love seeing photos with the guides. Our travel writing tips give more detailed advice. But the site is open to all - whether you are a professional writer, an expert in a particular field of travel, a student, publisher, or simply someone who loves travelling and wants to share your experiences with others.

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Do you know enough about somewhere to be an expert on our Recommended Destinations? We'd love your help promoting the best hotels, restaurants and things to do in some of the worlds best destinations. To discuss further email