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Costa Adeje restaurants

Warm goat's cheese salad

La Laja

Gourmet food in a lovely setting at incredibly good value.

Style and elegance

Coeur de Filet

Great choice and excellent food in one of the south's best restaurants.

Dining room

Monte Christo

Fine Italian dining in elegant surroundings.

Style and chill out

Rosso Sul Mare

Italian style and cuisine on an idyllic oceanside terrace.

Inside dining room

Las Rocas

Unbeatable views from a platform over the Atlantic Ocean.

Full of character

El Molino Blanco

A singing chef to go with your chateaubriand in this popular nightspot.

Torre del Mirador

La Torre del Mirador

Nightly music on a stylish terrace in a romantic, oceanside setting.


Harley's American Restaurant and Bar

Novelty value, fun and fast food - US style.