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Milan restaurants

Chocolate cream with black olive and basil icecream, Cracco, Milan

Ristorante Cracco

Book ahead – and save up – to admire the exquisite skills of a global superstar.



Two Michelin stars, two restaurants, side by side, by Sadler.

Baretto al Baglioni

Baretto al Baglioni

A classic Milanese institution – tradition at its finest.

D&G Gold

Dolce & Gabbana Gold

Designer bling for a 24-carat night out with the stars.

La Spiral del Gusto, Joia, Milan


Vegetarian heaven in Milan – meat-free cuisine with a Michelin star.

Dining room, Il Marchesino

Il Marchesino

The place for the ultimate night out in Milan – grand food and grand opera.

The Park Restaurant

The Park

A great hotel restaurant with real creative flair, at the heart of Milan's centro storico.



Designer heaven in Milan – anyone for cocktails on the terrace?

Seafood, 13 Guigno, Milan

13 Giugno

Sicilian sun and seafood warm up the Milanese concrete jungle.

Biffi, Milan


An utterly charming and historic Milan cafè/restaurant – perfect for people watching.