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Hvar restaurants

Courtyard dining at Zlatna Školjka

Zlatna Školjka

A Slow Food restaurant in a romantic courtyard in the heart of Hvar Town.

Restaurant terrace

Palmižana Meneghello

A romantic island eatery with an arty ambience, serving excellent local fare, near Hvar.

Chef Antun Matković at work


Enjoy genuine Dalmatian cooking in a centuries-old building in Hvar Town.

Humac - old stone buildings

Konoba Humac

An authentic traditional Dalmatian eatery in an abandoned village in the hills on Hvar.

Luna's ground floor dining room


Creative Mediterranean cuisine meets star-lit skies here in Hvar’s old town.

Macondo's dining room


A charming seafood restaurant in a back alley in medieval Hvar Town.

Konoba Menego

Konoba Menego

This friendly Dalmatian eatery serves local wine in a rustic setting near Hvar’s main square.