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Beijing restaurants


Duck de Chine

Delicious roast duck and classy Cantonese fare in one of the sexiest dining rooms in the city.

Open sandwiches

Capital M

Glamorous European fare with an unbeatable view across Tiananmen Square.

Bei interior


Creative and stylish contemporary Asian fine-dining – it doesn’t get much better than this.

Thorny sea cucumber


Dadong’s artistic Chinese continues to wow, but the nightly queues are all about the duck.


Maison Boulud

The city’s finest French restaurant in the stately surrounds of the former US legation.

Dandan noodles

Chuan Ban

Authentic, mouth-numbing Sichuan cuisine served up Chinese government style.

Patio view

Dali Courtyard

Fresh and fragrant southwest Chinese cuisine in a picturesque garden setting.

Peking duck carving

Made in China

This lively five-star eatery makes a strong case for the city’s finest Peking duck.



Mid-range contemporary European fare with a Latin twist.



This cutting-edge lifestyle destination impresses with inventive, unusual dishes.