Costa Brava flights

Costa Brava Airports

The two main airports for the Costa Brava are Girona and Barcelona. With the exception of Tossa de Mar, if you’re planning on visiting this part of the coast, Girona is definitely the nearer and more convenient of the two. On the other hand, Barcelona, as a significantly larger (not to mention more glamorous and elaborate) airport obviously has many more flights daily with a much broader selection of destinations.


Ryanair flies into Girona airport from the UK (from London Stansted, Gatwick and Luton, Liverpool, Newcastle and Dublin;

Numerous airlines fly from the UK to Barcelona including British Airways ( and Iberia (

Arriving at your destination from the airport

Girona airport is about 12km from the centre of Girona. If you’re not hiring a car in the airport, there are regular buses that run from the airport to the centre of town. Tickets can usually be bought on the buses themselves and cost around two or three euros. Taxis are between 20 and 25 euros.

From Barcelona, there are regular buses from the Estacion de Nord (a half-hour train or taxi ride from the airport) or fast trains from the Estacion de Franca (a 40-minute bus or taxi ride away from the airport) to Girona (see for train times and lists of services).

The ‘Barcelona Bus’ also operates between Girona airport or town and Barcelona Estacion de Nord. Tickets are 12 euros and can be bought on the bus. See here for timetables and details.


There are also, of course, taxis at both airports and the price of these will vary depending on where in the Costa Brava you’ve chosen to stay. As I mentioned above, unless you’re going to Tossa, Girona is significantly closer to most of the beach areas in this Simonseeks guide the region.

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