Ibiza flights

Navigating the airport in Ibiza is easy – it’s as simple as one airport featuring departures and arrivals plus a very discreet private terminal your chauffeur will take you to if you ever need to use it!

In summer, direct flights arrive in Ibiza from all over the globe, but if you can’t find one, connections are easily made in Madrid, Barcelona or Palma. In the off-season, direct flights are much less commonplace, around twice a week from London Stansted until December, and then via Palma until March.

The airport – which is currently undergoing a huge renovation to accommodate even more passengers – is located in San Jose, just a swift ten minute drive from Ibiza town. To and from Playa D’en Bossa, it’s even swifter, clocking in at around seven minutes; it’s half an hour to San Antonio; 25 minutes to Santa Eulalia and a whopping (ha!) 40 minutes to reach San Juan. There’s very rarely traffic and the most waiting you’ll do is in the taxi queue or collecting your hire car. The cost for a taxi to your destination equates (very roughly) to about one euro per minute, so 10 euros to Ibiza Town and so on.

Buses to town, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia are fairly straightforward if you know where you’re going and cost between 1-2 euros. Personally, I totally recommend getting a taxi to your destination on arrival as buses are very sporadic (and many UK flights land at silly o’clock, after 2am) and leave you stranded in the strangest of places like the side of a pitch black dirt road – not great at the beginning of your holiday when you’re saddled with luggage! The taxi and bus terminal are right next to each other outside departures, so as I said earlier, it’s really easy to navigate! Ask your hotel if it offers a transfer service – many of the more remote ones will arrange a driver for you.