Capri flights

In order to get to Capri - unless you have a private jet or helicopter - you'll probably be arriving into the city of Naples and travelling from there. Travellers must first make their way to Naples' Molo Beverello (the port) to get to Capri. In my opinion, the easiest option is to take a taxi to the port - but be sure to note the price before you get in; there are fixed rates in operation.

Getting to the Molo Beverello

Taxi: From Naples' Capodichino Airport to the port will be about 25 euros.

Bus: This is the easiest and cheapest way to get to the centre. From the airport there are two buses to take you to the centre of Naples and from there you'll need to take a local bus to the port. The local bus ANM 35 runs every 30 minutes (1.10 euros) and the ANM Alibus – direct to Piazza Garibaldi - runs every 20 minutes (3 euros).

Car: For advice on getting around by car, please see my Neapolitan Riviera car hire page. Drivers should be aware that Capri is closed to non-resident traffic for seven months of the year.

For more information on flights to Naples, and advice on how to get to the city from the airport, see Neapolitan Riviera flights.

Getting to Capri

Once at Molo Beverello, take the ferry, fast ferry or jet hydrofoil to Capri (prices depend on the speed of transport from around 10 euros for a ferry – Caremar ( - to around 16 euros for the hydrofoil or fast jet – Snav ( and NLG Linea Jet ( The journey takes from 40 to 80 minutes.