Hong Kong flights

Chek Lap Kok Airport

Hong Kong International (www.hongkongairport.com) was built on reclaimed land to the northwest of Lantau Island on and around the former islet of Chek Lap Kok, and the airport is usually referred to by this name.

There are two terminals linked by indoor walkways. T1 handles most of the mainstream airlines; T2 handles Thai Airways as well as the smaller carriers.

Getting to the city

Airport Express

The express train takes less than 25 minutes to reach central Hong Kong (HK$100), stopping at Tsing Yi (HK$60), and Kowloon (HK$90) en route. Trains depart every 12 minutes from approximately 6am-1am. A free shuttle bus runs to major hotels from Hong Kong and Kowloon stations. 

Note that both Kowloon and Hong Kong stations maintain an in-town check-in service, so up to 24 hours before you leave you can drop your bags and head to the airport weighed down by nothing more than your passport and boarding card.

Mass Transit Railway (MTR)

A cheaper route into town, from 6am-1am, the MTR runs from Tung Chung along the Kowloon peninsular to downtown Hong Kong (HK$21) in just over half an hour. Catch the S1 bus from the airport (HK$3.50) to Tung Chung. Negotiating the turnstiles may prove tricky if you are toting a lot of bulky luggage.


Taxis are colour-coded. Board a red taxi for Hong Kong or Kowloon, green for the New Territories, and blue for south Lantau Island. Fares should be no more than HK$300 for Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, and HK$150 for south Lantau. Journey time is 45 minutes to one hour depending on traffic. There is rarely a shortage of taxis, as having motored all the way out here, drivers figure they may as well get someone to pay for the return journey.


Buses serve all the main destinations in Hong Kong, running roughly from 6am to midnight. Fares usually range between HK$20-40. A notice board at the entrance to the bus station clearly indicates what bus goes where and for how much. Ample luggage space is provided on the lower deck.

Hotel coaches

Designated hotel coaches depart from T2 every half hour, calling at all Hong Kong's major hotels. A single ticket costs HK$150 for Hong Kong, HK$130 for Kowloon.


The friendly gents in arrivals offering you a lift to your hotel are usually pretty clueless about such matters as basic geography, third party insurance, and common courtesy once they've got you in the back of their jalopy, so are best left to their own devices. 

And beyond:

There are also bus, limo and ferry services to Macau and Mainland China direct from Hong Kong Airport.