Puerto Pollensa

Pollensa really consists of two places. There is Puerto Pollensa with its port and small, tranquil beaches that loop around the natural bay, and there is inland Pollensa, a charming, honey-coloured town rich in history, and a popular base for cyclists and independent travellers.

If you want to zip in between the two with ease, like most places on the island, a car is necessary and it’s an approach I recommend. Atmospherically, the two towns are worlds apart. The port is a classy choice, with handsome old modernista mansions that wrap around the shore - it's popular with families and more mature couples. Pollensa is a quiet town, sleepy by day, that bursts into life at night when people gather on the plazas – there are five dotted around the Plaza Major – to eat and drink. Puerto Pollensa and Pollensa combined provide a taste of Majorca the way it was before the onset of mass tourism, and there is something comfortably and reassuringly old-fashioned about them.

Pollensa Festival

A must for classical music lovers, this festival attracts big names from all over the world and takes place in churches, plazas, grand houses and delightful gardens of the town throughout July and August. 2011 will be particularly special, with headlining big names to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Paradise beach at Formentor

Yes, it gets crowded, yes it's dominated by a large hotel, but if you're travelling with young children this beach is about as perfect as it gets, with gentle waters and pine trees bent over pure white sand providing natural sun shades.

The 365 Steps

Pollensa is built around the base of a hill and chapel named El Calvari, famous for the 365 steps that lead up to it. It's a calf-numbing walk, but rewards with eye-popping views of the surrounding countryside. And of course the nice cold beer you'll have when you get back to the bottom.

Bizarre art collections

The Fundación Yannick y Ben Jakober (www.fundacionjakober.org) is the fantastical collection of life-size sculptures of animals, and spooky kits portraits, that, weirdly enough, kids seem completely unperturbed by.