Welcome to the party capital of the world

Seven of the world’s biggest and most impressive nightclubs throwing wildly hedonistic parties every night of the week throughout summer, with the most famous and in-demand DJs behind the decks all night long – it’s a clubber’s dream come true. Add to that fabulous beach bars, a buzzing bar scene and a slew of “secret” villa parties and underground raves and it’s no surprise dance music enthusiasts and party people flock to the island to lose themselves (and find themselves) on the dance floor every year. Find out more on my Ibiza nightlife page.

A beach a day keeps the pale skin away…

The beauty of being on a Mediterranean island is that you’re literally surrounded by beautiful coastline and crystalline clear waters. Over 90 amazing beaches, bays, cliffs and coves await your discovery in Ibiza, meaning you could spend the whole summer on the island and never visit the same beach twice. Of course, it’s likely you’ll discover a few you’ll want to revisit - my most loved beaches are listed on my Ibiza Things to do page, so check them out. Getting to know my favourites might just help make your choice a little easier!

Food, glorious food

Some say it’s the seasonal nature of the island that lures the world’s best chefs here each summer (who can blame them – six months off appeals to everyone!) while others cite the laidback lifestyle complementing their highly strung temperaments. But quite frankly, I don’t really care why… I’m just glad they’re here! You can easily eat your way around the world’s cuisine in a week, from typical Ibicenco grills, Mediterranean seafood dishes and Spanish paella to Thai, Indian, French, Italian and even typically British meals all across the island, from rustic seaside shacks to high-end, modern eateries. Take my version of a world tour on my Ibiza Cafés and Restaurants page.

Watch the 24-hour a day fashion show

While there’s no doubt everyone packs a suitcase full of their finest clothes when heading off on holiday, there’s something about Ibiza that liberates a person’s fashion sense. Whether it’s high heels in a beach bar, flip-flops in the VIP section of a club or a bit of bling in a restaurant, everything is acceptable. People watching is like a national sport! If you arrive and feel like a style makeover, hit the shops in Ibiza Town for high street and high-end collections or find the best bikinis, kaftans and resort fashion in the Playa d’en Bossa beach boutiques.

The hills are alive… with the sound of silence

Once you’ve dragged yourself away from the beautiful coastline, there’s a whole new world to be discovered inland. Ibiza’s countryside is vast, wide, rugged, lush, green and tranquil… the perfect place to escape the hectic pace of the party scene. Waking up surrounded by rolling green hills and the sound of birds is the perfect way to sleep off the night before, and Ibiza’s rural hotel scene has been rapidly expanding over the past five years due to high demand from city dwellers for just that.

Hark back to medieval times

In stark contrast to all the beaches and modern bars, restaurants and clubs, Ibiza is actually very medieval at heart. See how the ancient town kept pirates at bay from within the fortified walls of Dalt Vila (with an amazing view over the Mediterranean while they were at it) or check out the spooky old Phoenician tombs and relics dating back to the 7th century BC at the Necropolis Puig Des Molins. Who knew you could enjoy a history lesson on an Ibiza holiday?

It’s the new sunset boulevard

Sure, the sun sets like clockwork every night across the globe but I challenge anyone to find a place with more heart and soul than Ibiza’s sunset strip in San Antonio. With breathtaking front-row views of the sun melting into the Mediterranean, combined with heartfelt soundtracks coming from the world’s best DJs, there have been many an emotional “moment” had here in Ibiza. And for those looking for something a little more off-the-beaten track, there are plenty more prime positions like Cala Conte’s Sunset Ashram or over the mystical isle of Es Vedra.

Get hippy with it

Ibiza was a haven for hippies back in the 1960s and 1970s and the free loving bohemian spirit lives on today. Take a step back in time at the Las Dalias Hippy Market every Saturday, where you can spot the all-grown-up flower children selling boho-luxe fashion and ethnic jewellery. Then frock up in your free-spirited finest and head to Pacha’s longest running party, Flower Power, on Tuesday nights – the entire island turns out in fancy dress force and the club ditches the dance music in favour of retro classics all night long. It’s the next best thing to having been there back in the day.

Feel the magnetic pull…

It’s not just party people and sun worshippers that are drawn to the island. There’s a huge wellness community in Ibiza, who attribute their desire to practice yoga, meditation, acupuncture, reflexology, hypnotherapy, life coaching and more to the island’s healing energy and strong magnetic pull. While scientists say there’s no truth to this claim, I’m going to side with the wellbeing gurus. Detoxing has never been so enjoyable…

Myths, legends and rumours – you be the judge…

Is Ibiza the true location of the lost city of Atlantis? Did Homer’s sirens really sing their songs from Es Vedra? Were witches practicing black magic from the island of Conillera? Do UFOs fly over the island? Do people have sex on stage in the clubs? Did P Diddy really have pizzas delivered to DC10? Do you have to be a raver to enjoy Ibiza? It’s hard to imagine that one tiny island can be the source of such speculation, but hey… at least it gives you something to talk about with your new-found friends on the beach, in the bars or on the dance floor!