San Antonio

The west side of the island is best known for the concrete jungle that is San Antonio, Ibiza’s second largest town and many a person’s entry level into Ibiza holidays “back in the old days” of all-inclusive package deal holidays. These days it’s totally possible, not to mention preferable, to plan your own San An itinerary to suit your own taste and match your budget, and the surrounding beaches and bays more than overcompensate for the tourist trappings of the town itself.

As the sun fadeth in the west

Night after night, the Ibiza sunset never fails to enrapture its audiences and it’s a view and a vibe that just can’t be recreated with photos or video – you have to be there. Whether you choose to watch it from the privileged terraces of the iconic sunset strip bars or perch on the rocky headlands of the bay, or choose to watch from the sands of one of the surrounding beaches or bays, from the minute the sun slowly begins to melt into the water, it’s mesmerising, every time and definitely a must-do for every Ibiza visitor.

It’s cheap and cheerful

Ibiza is notoriously expensive, but San Antonio is the place where it’s possible to have the quintessential Ibiza experience on a shoestring. From great low-budget accommodation to nightly pre-parties, where the world’s best DJs play for free, and an array of wallet-friendly restaurants and cafés plus bars offering two-for-one offers and free promotional drinks, it’s a great starting point for backpackers or students – and also the place to meet other like-minded travelers.

Discover the wild side of Ibiza

Brash, brazen and with plenty of Brits abroad filling the streets, San Antonio’s West End is party central after dark. If you like cheap drinks, fast food and fancy doing a bar crawl, follow the flashing coloured lights until you see something that takes your fancy! It’s a popular destination for stag and hen parties or a cheaper alternative to a night in the clubs, with punters spilling out on the pavement, singing in the streets and generally ‘avin’ it large till the early hours.