Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is so full of character, heart, soul, spirit and history… to me, this is the real Ibiza. Not only is it home to the amazing UNESCO World Heritage listed site Dalt Vila - a huge, walled fortress surrounding a cobbled street town (and coincidentally my home!) - it’s also the place where all the nightly summer action kicks off in a multitude of bars and restaurants in the port area. By day the jet set, yachting types and VIPs linger around the super cool Marina Botafoch area and just walking distance away are beautiful, laid-back beaches. Mediterranean history, ancient architecture, stunning seaside scenery and a cosmopolitan nightlife scene all merged into one unique place.

It’s the cultural heart of the island

Today, Ibiza may be associated with parties and beaches, however its rich, cultural history dates back many thousands of years, all the way to the Phoenicians, who were the first to find shelter and settle on our fair shores. Over the years the Moors and the Romans have also had their fair share of claims on the island contributing to our heritage and, in 2000, UNESCO declared parts of the island, including the fortified city of Dalt Vila and the amazing catacombs of Puig Des Molins, World Heritage listed sites.

Pre-parties and parades

Ibiza Town is the home of pre-clubbing parades and from about 11pm every night in summer, you’ll find an assortment of outlandishly dressed (and mostly half naked) dancers striding the streets promoting each club night’s event. Pull up a pew in one of the many port bars to watch the processions go past and don’t miss your chance to get your name on the free guest list for the event or score discounted entry to the club as the promoters stop in each bar along the strip.

It’s Ibiza’s shopping mecca

On those days when the beach is not on the agenda, fashionistas flock to the boutiques of Ibiza Town. Whether your budget is high street or high end, there’s a store to suit all styles and tastes – and of course, if you haven’t packed the perfect outfit already, this is your chance to embrace your own personal interpretation of Ibiza style. It’s not all fashion though – those seeking souvenirs will find an array of stores with everything you could think of and more, all year round.

Surrounded by sea

Don’t let the word “town” put you off – there are three stunning beaches within walking distance of Ibiza Town and even more just a few minutes drive away. Behind the fortress is the beautiful, rustic Los Molinos - a rocky haven popular with locals, pet lovers and naturists; just around the corner is Figueretes; and in the opposite direction, you can walk to the family friendly oasis of Talamanca in about 15 minutes. If you have a hire car, it’s well worth the drive to the tranquil haven of S’Estanyol, worlds apart from the hustle and bustle of town.