The beach

There is one simple reason why people go to Mellieha - the beach. It is Malta’s longest at 800 metres and one of the few stretches of coast that is naturally covered in classic yellow sand.

And another beach

Just across the island on the opposite coast from here - only a few miles away as this is Malta’s narrowest point - is Golden Bay. This is Malta’s other yellow sandy beach, smaller but less marred by traffic than Mellieha Beach.

The Red Tower

Above Mellieha Bay is one of Malta’s highest points on which stands The Red Tower (St Agatha's Tower), a 17th-century watchtower built by the Knights of St John as part of a coastal defence early-warning system. You can see why they built it here - it commands spectacular views along the coast and across the water to Gozo.


Birdwatchers might like to visit the tiny bird reserve of Ghadira (opposite the beach half way along the bay), although it is miniscule by most European standards. More promising perhaps is to go out on the cliffs beyond the Red Tower - a great place to see migrant birds in spring and autumn, although you may have to run the gauntlet of unsympathetic bird hunters, particularly in autumn.

The village

A few minutes walk uphill from the bay takes you into Mellieha village, with its bars and restaurants and a couple of interesting churches as well as a sacred grotto.