Gozo Maybe Time - just that bit slower than the normal GMT. Gozo is a place to relax, chill out and take it easy.

Enough, but not too much

There are sights to see here: the evocative fortified Gozo CitadelGgantija Temples, Sanctuary of Ta' Pinu, a few museums and Knights-period towers, but there is not so much that you feel under pressure. This is holiday sightseeing.

Pomskizillious and Gromphiberous

That is how Edward Lear described the coastal landscape of Gozo - which he loved. And it is a wonderful place to walk with its weird rock formations, salt pans and views out over the bright blue Med.

Beneath the surface

And there is equally remarkable rocky landscape below the sea, which is what attracts tens of thousands of divers to Gozo each year. That and the clarity of the water.

Wet, wet, wet

The sea around Gozo is irresistible in summer - to locals and tourist alike. Perfectly clear and cleaner than most of the Med, it is perfect swimming water and you will find people taking advantage of it anywhere that’s safe. Follow their lead.

Slow food

No, not the service (although it can be sometimes) but the feel of the meal. I’ve never felt rushed in Gozo, least of all over a meal. And there are some delectable restaurants. See my Gozo Cafés and Restaurants page for my recommendations.

The people

Gozitans are immensely friendly and hospitable and there is no barrier here between locals and visitors. Long may that last!