Neapolitan Riviera

Where the sun shines brightly all the time…

Well, most of the time. There are a million reasons to head to the Neapolitan Riviera but one of the best is the wonderfully long season that means that you can often don your shorts and tees as early as March and continue to do so well into October. See my link When to Go.

Get your motor running…

It’s those iconic winding roads that you think of when you picture the Amalfi Coast. Sadly there’ll be precious little speeding - Bond-like - around those sexy curves. You’ll most likely be on a bus doing a steady 30 miles per hour – but at least you can concentrate on the view. Around every curve there’s another picture-perfect scene (or amazing villa) to drool over.

Pretty in pink

One of the prettiest villages is Positano, with its pastel cliff-hanging houses. Admittedly it’s best seen from the sea as it can get mighty busy in high season, but I can tell you a few places where you can have a quiet meal or a leisurely walk to get away from the crowds.

Amalfi town

It's surprisingly small but all around you’ll find evidence of a once great maritime power – not least the beautiful Duomo. But the litte Museo della Carta (paper museum) will give you an insight into another reason why this place became so important.

Food and drink

The food and drink in Campania can be the best in the world thanks to the climate and fertile soil. Sorrento’s lemons, Vesuviana tomatoes, fluffy buffalo mozzarella, grapes and olives from all over the region. One day you can sample it in a simple trattoria, while the next you’re fine dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant. And your fellow diners are just as passionate about food in both.

History is everywhere

Whether you take a trip to the spectacular Roman ruins of Pompeii or Herculaneum, or visit the Greek temples of Paestum you’ll be walking through the world’s most important archaeological treasures.

Music maestro

Sophisticated Ravello is world-famous for its music festival but the entire region is full of music (as actor/writer and director, John Turturro, recently filmed so succinctly in his latest work Passione, chronicling the music history of Naples).

Capri sun

One of the most popular destination from Naples, Capri is legendary. Of all the islands it’s the one most closely associated with partying and glamour, from the antics of Caligula's great uncle Tiberius (his villa can still be visited) to artists and writers and millionaires. For us mere mortals, Capri has some of the finest hotels in the world, with service that will, at least, help you feel like a film star.

Sorrento lemons

Millions visit Sorrento every year: it's the land that conjures up mythical tales of Odysseus drawn by the siren's song, and the Grand Tour (visited by the likes of Goethe and the Duke of Wellington) as well as the scent of lemons and trailing bougainvillea.

Walk on the wild side

Just beyond Sorrento is the beautiful Massa Lubrense peninsular dotted with little villages that can be reached along pathways that take you through lemon and olive groves. Along the Amalfi Coast is the fabulous hiking path of Sentiero degli Dei (path of the Gods) that stretches from Agerola to Positano and, after all that effort, will reward you with breathtaking views, wild landscapes and a totally different perspective of the coast.

Sea, sea, signor

It’s everywhere and the boats are used as transport, as pleasure crafts, as bedrooms and, incredibly enough, for fishing. One of the best things about them is that you can drop anchor in one of the thousands of secluded bays, jump off and dive into the crystal blue waters. After all that exercise it must be 'apero time' and thoughts turn to where to go for dinner.

The only question can be… where shall I visit first?