New York City car hire

If you’re only visiting New York City for a long weekend, you’re probably not going to want hire a vehicle. You’ll find it quicker to walk some of Manhattan’s traffic-jammed streets. But you can hire a car to either tackle the city (if you dare) or, the more likely option, head further afield.

Hire from the airport

The major car rental companies operate out of all three airports serving New York City. Free transport to the car rental desks is provided via monorail or bus. Though the fleet of vehicles for hire is large and varied, booking ahead is always advisable, especially during holiday periods.

You’ll find the best rates through brokers or price comparison websites. See the Simonseeks booking tool above, powered by Kayak, and read the money saving guide on .

City-based hire

There are plenty of car rental operatives across the five boroughs of New York City willing to loan you a car if you fancy a couple of days in the city before venturing further afield. These rental offices are also handy if you’re coming to the end of a road trip and fancy a couple of days in the city before flying home. The mass rental offices can be found at the three airports serving the city – JFK, LaGuardia and Newark, but unless you’re flying in or out at the same time, the city-based rental offices will probably best serve your needs. Just be prepared for traffic jams, daunting bridge drives and assertive cab drivers.