Ibiza car hire

If you’re planning on hiring a car in Ibiza I have two pieces of very valuable advice. Firstly, hire it at the airport. Sure, you’ll need good directions and a map to get to your destination initially, but it saves so much time to pick it up and then have it from the word go. It also makes sense when returning the car – simply fill it up with gas at the last petrol station before the airport and your trip couldn’t be easier.

Secondly, take the full insurance option. There are so many horror stories (and indeed, it’s happened to me) about people being charged a ridiculous excess for small bumps and dents in the car, caused from the bumpy dirt roads and tiny parking spaces. People drive quite eratically on the roads here, so accidents, big and small, are sadly commonplace and property theft is high. So when it comes to insurance – get it. Chances are you’ll need it.

What you'll need

You’ll need to be over 21, have a valid driver’s license and supply a credit card as guarantee for security. If you plan on having more than one person drive the car, you’ll need to advise them when picking it up as there’s an additional charge for each driver too. Most hire cars are manual, though if you do need an automatic, be aware they cost considerably more. You’ll also need to keep all your documents with you at all times, as police often do random roadblocks outside beaches and nightclubs, and without paperwork they can confiscate your vehicle. It goes without saying not to drink and drive of course…


Parking is plentiful, though spaces are often small, tight and seemingly impossible to get in or out of (but totally do-able in reality). Streets of the main towns require a pay-and-display ticket, though there are plenty of free spaces and “gypsy car parks” where a “volunteer” will ask for a few coins to save you a spot and keep an eye on your car.

Who to hire from

Most of the following car companies also have smaller branches in each resort, if you decide at a later date to hire a car or scooter, or you can ask your hotel for the closest recommendation. It can seem expensive, but if you compare it to the cost of taxis to and from everywhere, you’ll soon see the light!

Car rental companies at Ibiza airport

Europcar (www.europcar.com; 971 395 384), AurigaCrown (www.aurigacrown.com; 971 308 854), Avis (www.avis.es; 971 809 176), Hertz (www.hertz.es; 971 809 178) and National Atesa (www.atesa.es; 971 395 393).