Brussels car hire

Brussels' city centre is compact and the public transport system top-notch, so the majority of visitors won’t need to hire a car. Indeed, it can be quite stressful: residents aren’t very patient, the ring-road is notorious for its rush-hour traffic, and there numerous one-way streets and cobbled pedestrian-only areas. However, if you’re travelling for business and have a meeting further out of town or would like to explore the outer-lying areas there are car-rental outlets at the major transport hubs. The best rates/deals are almost always found online. Use the Simonseeks booking tool above and read our guide on for tips on saving money.

Hire from Brussels-National

The following all have outlets on Level Two in the arrivals hall:

Avis (+32 2 720 09 44;; open: 6.30am—11.30pm Monday—Sunday)
Europcar (+32 2 721 05 92;; open (for check in): 7am—9pm Monday—Friday, closed Saturday, 8am—9pm Sunday; open (for check out): 6.30am—11pm Monday—Friday, 7am—9pm Saturday, 8am—11pm Sunday)
Hertz (+32 2 720 60 44;; open: 6.30am—11.30pm Monday—Sunday)
Sixt (+32 2 753 25 60;; open: 6.20am—11pm Monday—Sunday)
Budget (Da Vincilaan 25 (Novotel); +32 2 725 84 08; open: 7.30am—9pm Monday—Friday, 8am—4pm Saturday—Sunday)

Hire from Brussels-Charleroi

The following are all located on Level One under the main terminal building – take the lift.

Avis (+32 71 351 998;; open: 8am—11.30pm Monday—Friday, 8.30am—12.30pm Saturday, 7pm—11.30pm Sunday)
Budget (+32 71 251 265;; open 8.30am—11pm Monday—Sunday)
Europcar (+32 71 251 965;; open: 9am—11pm Monday—Friday, closed Saturday, 4pm—11pm Sunday)
Hertz (+32 70 695 695;; open 8am—11pm Monday-Sunday)
Sixt (+32 71 346 640;; open: 8am—11.30pm Monday—Sunday)

Hire from Bruxelles-Midi train station (Eurostar)

The following companies have booths at Bruxelles-Midi train station (Place Victor Horta entrance), downstairs from the Eurostar arrivals platform:

Avis (+32 2 527 17 05;; open: 7.30am—10pm Monday—Friday, 8am—1pm Saturday, 5pm—9pm Sunday)
Europcar (+32 2 522 95 73;; open: 8am—11.30pm Monday—Sunday)
Hertz (+32 70 69 56 95;; open: 7.30am—10pm Monday—Thursday, 7.30am—9pm Friday, 8am—2pm Saturday, 4pm—9pm Sunday)
Sixt (+32 2 527 26 28;; open: 7.30am—10pm Monday—Friday, 8am—1pm Saturday, 5pm—9pm Sunday)

City based hire

Avis (Rue Americaine 145; +32 2 537 12 80;; open: 8am—6pm Monday—Friday, 8am—12pm Saturday, closed Sunday)
Budget (Avenue Louise 91; +32 2 537 97 32;; open: 8am—6pm Monday—Friday)
Europcar (Chaussee de Waterloo 538; +32 2 345 92 90;


Drivers will need to be over the age of 21 and have been driving for at least a year. Always carry your driving license and the Vehicle on Hire Certificate (VE103) provided by the rental company.

Driving laws

Vehicles drive on the right in Belgium. Don’t forget the rule: priorité à droite! At any junction unmarked by traffic lights, stop signs etc you must give way to cars coming from the right. Seatbelts are mandatory for front and back seat passengers. Headlights must be used in tunnels, even during the day. The speed limit is 120kmph on the motorway (which are toll free), 90kmph on open roads and 50/30kmph in built-up areas. Speed cameras are numerous, as are mobile radar units which can enforce on-the-spot fines. Drinking and driving limits are stricter than in the UK and, if caught, fines start in the region of 125 euros.