What you need to know about community moderators

by Jeanette.Scott

Has your guide been rated by a moderator in the last couple of weeks? Are you curious as to why?

We recently told you about an alteration to the editorial policy, which would give a greater role to the community when it comes to rating and commenting on guides. You might have noticed that a new team of community moderators has been assessing the guides on Simonseeks, leaving ratings and comments on not just the latest work, but some of the older guides too.

This team of 18 – all active Simonseeks writers – has been tasked with reading guides, rating them according to quality and providing comments and helpful feedback. They all now have the “moderator” role added to their site byline.

Do we need more community moderators?

At the moment, no. Though we might ask for more volunteers in the near future. See the list of 18 here.

Why are guides rated?

Simonseeks wants readers to find the most valuable and enjoyable destination information. To enable this, we encourage users to promote the best guides - they do this by rating the top-notch information with a high score. That way, when a reader searches for a destination, or when they click on the top-rated guides tab on the home page, the best travel guides on the site are listed first.

Who can rate and comment on guides?

Of course, it’s not just the moderators who can rate and comment on guides. Every user on Simonseeks is able to leave feedback. As a writer, your Simonseeks profile could receive a boost if you frequently rate and comment on guides, as other writers on the site are likely to click through to your work if they see you are active across Simonseeks. Consider rating other guides about your favourite destinations, or check out travel guides to destinations you’re about to visit.

You are not constrained to simply saying if you like the guide overall. You can ask questions of the author, tell them if you enjoyed the style of writing, leave feedback if you like/dislike a particular recommendation, ask to see more photographs...there’s no limit to the interaction you can have.

The general rules across the rest of the site apply to comments: no abuse, foul language or defamatory comments, no spam etc. See our terms of use.

Let us know what you think below.