What to see in Berlin

by Sals2

Berlin, the impressive and sprawling capital of Germany, is a top tourist destination with good reason. The city has a whole range of exciting and intriguing places to visit and discover. It is also well-suited to welcoming visitors, with a wide offering of convenient accommodation including holiday apartment rentals, which you can browse and book at Oh-Berlin.com. Here’s a short guide to four of Berlin’s top attractions.

Brandenburg Gate

The famous Brandenburg Gate is a must-see. The massive triumphal arch is crowned by a bronze horse-drawn chariot. It has played a central role in German history since it was built. Napoleon’s invading forces carried off the crowning statue in triumph, and during the Cold War it was a symbol of the desire for a united Germany. Make sure you get a photo in front of the impressive monument.

Museum Island

The Museum Island (Museuminsel) is a massive complex of buildings where archaeological treasures and artefacts are stored. Located on an island in the River Spree, the collections include ancient relics from Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome. This is definitely one for the history buffs.

Berlin Wall

Understand more of most famous chapter in Berlin’s recent past at the Berlin Wall (Mauer Berlin). Formerly a partition dividing communist East Germany from its capitalist Western neighbour, 1989 was the year when the Wall was abolished and the country united. The remaining stretches of the wall now carry colourful works of semi-political graffiti art, which make great photos.


After all that heavy history, you’ll want to blow off some steam. And what better place to do it than Kastanienallee? This stylish avenue is referred to by the locals as “Jung und trendy.” It’s not hard to see why. The area is teeming with chic boutiques, modish cafes and unique shops selling anything from modern art to home-made ice-cream. They say you shouldn’t spend all your money in one place, but if you do, make sure you do it in Kastanienallee.