What do you want to see in the writers' forum?

by Sals2

I’ve had a great response from my introduction blog post and it is obvious from the comments that Simonseeks is in need of a writers' forum! Here’s some of the suggestions that we’ve had:

Can we have an "Inbox" type facility under "My Simonseeks" where writers can interact with each other by virtue of private messages.” – Arif Kahn

I feel that occasionally the comments at the end of a guide going back and forth between writer/editor/guide reader spoil the look of and detract from the guide itself so another way of corresponding is welcomed.” – Suzanne Courtney

I am also one of those who are looking forward when writers can interact with each other and send private messages.” – Popi Papazoglou

I would love to get some more ideas on what features you would like to see in the writers' forum, for example:

  • Would you like the ability to send private messages as well as having a writers' forum?
  • Would you like the forum to be split up into separate groups e.g. amateurs and professionals?
  • Would you like to rate forum topics?

Let me know about your ideas in the comments below.

Looking forward to hearing from you!