Watch out!

by RickMadden

We realise it's sometimes difficult to keep track of guides or blogs that are interesting or that you have been commenting on. By watching posts, you can keep an eye on (and be notified) when they're updated or new comments are added.

Watcher is a new addition to Simonseeks and is available from today.

To watch a guide or blog simply click “Watch this post” which appears at the end of a post, just above the “Bookmark and Share” options (where the twitter and digg logos are).

A full list of the guides/blogs you are watching appears in a ‘My Watched Posts’ list, available in your ‘My Simonseeks’ area (remember, you have to be logged in to access your My Simonseeks). In My Watched Posts you have the option to set up email notifications for when others comment on the same guide/blog or when the writer makes amendments.

Don’t worry - we don’t like spam either. Watching and email notifications are completely separate so you can still watch guides without having to receive email updates. In fact, you can choose to watch lots of guides but only receive emails for a few.

To change any of the default settings of Watcher, simply click on the ‘Settings’ tab of My Watched Posts’. In Settings you can choose to automatically watch any guides or blogs that you comment on and/or automatically opt-in for email notifications on any watched posts.

Anyway, have a play and let us know what you think...