Volcanic tourism

by Fred.Mawer

Volcanoes - well, one up in Iceland in particular - are not exactly in favour with travellers at the moment. But when they're not causing havoc to air traffic, they can make fantastic sights.

I've just typed "volcanoes" into Simonseeks' search facility - which has just been revamped and is much improved, by the way - and I'm amazed at the number of inspirational guides we've got on the website covering how to explore volcanoes around the world.

 Here are six that stand out:

 * Andrea Montgomery has an excellent guide to climbing Tenerife's Mount Teide - the dormant volcano is also Spain's highest mountain. See On top of the world in Tenerife.

 * Mary Novakovich relates what it's like it's like to ascend Mount Etna. See Go with the lava flow in Sicily.

 * Judith Baker has a great guide to Montserrat, where you can visit a volcano observatory, as well as stay and eat in a guest house owned by former Beatles' producer George Martin. See Montserrat – the Caribbean Emerald Isle rises from the ashes.

 * Jon Sparks vividly describes "the world's best one-day walk" across lava fields Down Under. See the guide here.

 * Rebecca Burgess takes you on adventure to the secret volcanic island of Ometepe in Latin America. See Volcanic adventure in Nicaragua

 * Last but not least, just two weeks ago Laura Dixon was lucky enough to see Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupt - yes, that's the very same one that's been causing all the travel chaos across Europe. See Volcano watching in Iceland.