Video killed the radio star... but it improves travel guides no end!

by RickMadden

We’ve just introduced the ability to show video from YouTube in guides, a great way to improve guides and to really inspire readers - and given Simon keeps saying we’re like the YouTube of travel in his interviews, it seemed the right thing to do!

Here's a couple of quick examples. Ok, so we cheated a little and didn't use our own holiday videos... but Simon has promised to take some footage of him on a Jet Ski the next time he's in Barbados.

So how do you add video to your guide? Well, we’ve kept it really simple. Most people upload their videos to YouTube, so we’ve chose to link to them. This way you don’t have to upload anything to simonseeks, just tell us the YouTube URL in your My Simonseeks workspace and hey presto, it will appear at the end of your guide.

And, because the videos on YouTube can be redistributed, they don’t even have to be your own! If you find a good video of your recommended location, hotel, beaches, activities, whatever... just use that URL.

We’ll shortly be making those guides with video more obvious and allowing more than one video to be included. All of which should help draw more people in.

As always, if you’ve got any ideas or suggestions, leave a comment below...