Unique and unusual getaways

by Becca Mai

When it comes to booking a holiday, we are teased and tempted by window displays, online discounts and colourful travel information. Most of these deals point to popular and common package holidays where thousands visit every year. Away from these deals and destinations lies a whole other meaning to the term “holiday”.

For many, taking time away from work for holidays means filling every moment with pleasure while taking away from the stress of everyday life. For many, this simply means lying on a beach in the sun, for others, an adventure and exhilarating holiday is the greatest stress reliever. Read on to discover new ideas.

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You’ll be forgiven if you don’t know much about Algeria apart from its recent participation in the 2010 World Cup. Despite being the second largest African country, spanning from the Mediterranean into the Sahara, and the world’s fourth largest natural gas exporter, this country remains relatively unknown. Yet, its seeming obscurity is what makes it beguiling, a jewel to be discovered. My Unique Holidays provides English and French-guided tours of Algeria.

Gecko Villa offers unique getaway villa stays in the unchanged rural heartlands of Northeast Thailand. With a private pool, rice paddy views and exquisite Thai food cooked for you at no extra cost, this Thailand holiday villa uncovers a whole new side of Thailand waiting to be discovered.

Symbiosis Expedition Planning offer expedition and holiday ideas, planning and services for travelers looking for something different. Providing tours and trips to areas in the developing world and highly sensitive enviroments whilst being friendly and thoughful towards to ambience makes for an unforgattable experience, away from the tourist crowds.

From jungle walks and orangutang spotting in Borneo to sightseeing in Cuba, FascinatingTravelDestinations.com is an extensive resource for all kinds of unique and unforgettable travel destinations, ideas and inspiration


Tailor made
Quite simply one of the most exhilarating, welcoming and beautiful country’s you will ever visit, Vietnam, is ‘the new darling of Asia'. With such vast landscapes, deserted beaches and outstanding cuisine, a lot can easily be missed by tourists on a Vietnam holiday. The best way to ensure you see what you want and make the most of your time is to go on a custom, tailor made trip to make sure you don't just visit this part of Asia... you experience Asia.

India. Hectic streets, fragrant bazaars, awesome sights and lush beaches; it’s like nowhere else on earth. No two days are ever the same in this diverse country so it is important to know what you want. Taking in local flavour as well as adventuring off the beaten track can be a tricky thing to plan without the help of those in the know. The Travel Architect designs journeys to India that are as unique as you are.


Color Me India organise unique cultural experience tours from Indian Moments. Their tailor-made tours throughout India feature unusual destinations and cultural insights, and they seek out opportunities for you to enjoy local events and activities. Individual itineraries can be developed around your interests and the carefully selected accommodation includes boutique hotels as well as homestays where you will be welcomed as guests, meet local people and sample regional cuisines.


A Trans Siberian Tour is an immense rail route. Along more than 9000 kilometres of its length you will see different landscapes, meet many different people and cultures, and experience the magnificent Siberian Baikal Lake, plus much more. Being on a train for the whole journey may immediately make you think twice and understandably this trip is not for everyone, be aware however it is recommended that you make stopovers along the way which will effectively make your trip more interesting.

Explore and connect with the spiritual energies and ancient traditions that exist at some of the most important sacred sites and sacred places around the world. With the choice of spiritual journeys & retreats to Egypt, India, Ireland, Mexico, and Peru, try something new and rewarding with Sacred Earth Journeys.

Journeys of the Spirit® specializes in transformation spiritual journeys & retreats to magical sacred sites. They are committed to bringing forth experiences that transform lives by empowering people to express boldly and fearlessly in life and by giving back in the world. In any conscious travel experience, JOTS suggests that we open ourselves to new ideas, feelings and personal connections.


No Budget
Spend the money you earn on a trip you deserve - go all out! Wherever your chosen destination, The Elite Travel Club will source all that you might wish for - from lavish luxury and grand hotels to discreet, exclusive destinations and custom transportation. They guarantee unrivalled access to many unforgettable experiences while you modestly “do what you want!”

See ‘www.indulgedtraveler.com - a luxury travel magazine for discriminating tourists’ for more on this type of holiday. 

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Low Budget
Unique and unusual doesn’t necessary mean a foreign language and hotter climate. Across the Irish-Channel, Ireland is home to many remote islands, rare food farms and bizarre accommodations just waiting to be discovered. Ireland travel is a great resource designed to serve you whether you’re planning a first visit to Ireland or you’ve already built a deeper connection to the country.

Roomorama is an online marketplace for short term rentals. Use our service the next time you're looking for a room for a few days while traveling, or if you have a spare room and are looking for an easy way to earn some cash.

Unique travel resources

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For inspiration about unique holiday ideas, Inside the Travel Lab, one of the world's best travel blogs, writes about topics from street art in Valencia to staying in Zafra Castle.

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Dave Geerts mission is to publish the globe’s best travel destinations as well cities, tourist attractions, history and background travel information. As a traveller you can also share your travel experiences by generating your own free travel blog and add comments to current locations on his website Globenavigation.com.

If you want some inspiration for a trip that’s truly unique, visit Black Tomato. This attractive website specialises in unusual holidays that will make you stand out of the crowd at dinner parties.

The most difficult part of travelling can be deciding where to go and how to get there without going through an extraordinary amount of expense and stress. Photos4Travel Travel Guides is a one stop destination that will help you research, plan and enjoy a trip anywhere in the world.

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