Travel Gadgets You Can Live Without

by EmmaP

Travel gadgets - many are insanely useful whilst abroad. The thing I love about travel and technology combined, is people feel the need to invent some quite outrageous items. So here is my list of some of the less useful, but more fun travel gadgets on the market right now.

Metal Detecting Sandals
As a former student of archaeology, I naturally am an advocate of this idea. Sandals for the beach to help you un-earth treasure. Brilliant…. in theory. In practice probably not so much, I’m not sure what artefacts you are likely to find on the beach, but my guess is it might be slightly underwhelming. Nevertheless a must have item for budding Indiana Jones types.

Infrared Portable Sauna

This is another quite ludicrous concept to me. An infrared portable sauna seems to be an unlikely travel companion, but apparently they are in vogue right now. The positives of carrying around your own sauna lie in the numerous health benefits, such as circulation, skin improvement, detoxification and so on. For me the problem here is (as your head is poking out from the top) it looks like you have placed yourself in a larger than life shopping bag. So whatever health benefits you are getting on the inside, it seems to be a tad counterproductive, as you really do look like a bit of a prat from the outside. Maybe something to keep at home. Indoors. With the curtains closed.

USB Air-conditioned Shirt
The opposite of the infrared sauna - the air-conditioned shirt is quite a genius idea. I’m not sure it will take off in Britain, but as someone who lives in a place that gets very hot and not to mention humid, I would be very tempted to invest in one of these. Dual fans intricately woven into the shirt, keep your torso sweat free whilst you go about your business in sweltering heat. It can run off batteries too, just in case it’s a bit inconvenient to be plugged in all day.

Glyde Gear Backpack
What’s this? A backpack that glides? Well… kind of. This is a backpack with an attached scooter so if it gets too heavy you can just casually ride it around. A platform with wheels folds out from the back of the bag, and an extendable handle can be pulled from the top, thus transforming it into a super scooter (with an unsightly looking bag, awkwardly attached to the front).The next step will be a Segway backpack, I would honestly be beyond delighted if someone invented such a thing.

Wi-Fi Detector T-shirt
Not the worse idea I have ever heard. It may actually be quite useful when you are travelling sans free data. Although, it’s not the most subtle piece of technology; it lights up when it gets excited about Wi-Fi, and that reminds me of a university friend’s t-shirt that lit up when it reacted to music. I’m not even sure if that was okay 10 years ago, so I’m not sure I would fancy wearing one now. Sometimes style must come before function.