Top 10 treetop hotels around the world

by R.Bridger

If you want to go green this holiday, why not cut out the middle man and head straight for the treetops? These incredible treehouse hotels are located in some of the most spectacular areas of the world, meaning you can be doing your bit for the environment AND be guaranteed a room with a view! Check out our top ten:

1. Tsala Treetop Lodge, South Africa

If you thought treehouses couldn't be luxurious then think again. The Tsala Treetop Lodge is an architectural gem, constructed of stone and glass with floor-to-ceiling windows offering views over the incredible Tsitsikamma Forest. It also boasts log fireplaces, private balconies and an infinity pool - just don't get too close to the edge!

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2. Sanya Nanshan Treehouse, China

The 'Big Beach in the Sky' as its known in the Far East, is a treehouse in its truest form. Built into a group of tamarind trees, guests can only access the rustic accommodation via a rope-and-plank suspension bridge. Luckily, it has electricity to guide your way.

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3. Hinchinbrook Island Wilderness Lodge, Australia

If you're after a relaxing and secluded eco experience, head down under to Hinchinbrook Island where you will find no ordinary rickety treehouse, The Wilderness Lodge houses 15 spacious treehouses, each with private balcony and beachfront access. Sun-worshippers will also love the eleven isolated beaches scattered over the island.

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4. Cedar Creek Treehouse, Washington

If you're the outdoorsy type, the Cedar Creek Treehouse could be the perfect retreat. Bordering Gifford Pinchot National Forest, the accommodation is perched 50 feet high in an ancient cedar tree. Best avoided if you're afraid of heights though - the views from the 100 feet fir tree observatory overlooking Mount Rainier are both magnificent and dizzying.

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5. Maravu Plantation, Fiji

Sitting in an age-old rain tree, the rooms in the Maravu Plantation boast panoramic views of the South Pacific with interior comforts including leather and palm-wood furniture. There is even a Spa at the resort if you're in need of a bit of R&R.

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6. Ariau Amazon Towers, Brazilian Amazon

As the largest commercial treetop hotel in the world, you can be guaranteed a room with a jungle view at Ariau Towers. Incredibly, the access stairways and catwalks stretch for 10 miles, whilst the two 150-foot-high observation towers boast sweeping views of the Brazilian Amazon - perfect for spotting jungle creatures. Just keep an eye out for swinging monkeys!

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7. Tree House Lodge, Limón, Costa Rica

Eco-warriors will be in their element in this 10-acre beachfront venue located on Costa Rica's southern Carribbean coast. The sustainably built treehouse offers guests solar heating and a quirkily built shower nestled amongst the roots of a humongous 100-year-old Sangrillo tree.

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8. Tranquil Resort, Wayanad, Kerala, India

Another rainforest offering, this 500-square-foot treehouse, complete with functioning coffee and vanilla plantation, has been fashioned from coffee wood, with the authentic trunk of a Royal Poinciana towering through one of the bedrooms. There are also pool and massage facilities for guests in need of a pamper session.

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9. The Aviary, Lenox, Massachusetts

This may not look like your typical handcrafted treehouse, but look closely through the windows and you'll see we are not fibbing. Yes, this luxurious hotel, complete with limestone wet room, antique soaking tub and Bang & Olufsen fittings, really is perched in a tree in the Berkshire Mountains. Perfect for the more discerning treetop-seeking guest.

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10. Playa Viva, Juluchuca, Mexico

Finally, do your bit for the environment in style at the eco-friendly Playa Viva on Mexico's Pacific Coast. Built from sustainable materials and heated through solar-generated electricity, this hip boutique hotel boasts 40 rooms, beach club, lounge and surrounding private nature reserve. Who said being green wasn't glamorous?

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11.Tree Tops Jungle Lodge, Sri Lanka

This winner of the “Wild Asia Responsible Tourism award 2008” offers visitors a real jungle experience. Originally a private jungle hide-out in 1997, the lodge is now open to all. Visitors can stay in thatched clay huts blending discretely into their beautiful surroundings of rocky hills, forestry and abundant wildlife.

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If you know of anymore TreeTop hotels from around the world, let me know in the comments below and I'll add them to the list!