Time to start earning - The new revenue-share structure

by RickMadden

I want to update you on a few changes we are making to the revenue-share arrangement.


When Simonseeks started, the aim was to reward writers for sharing their experiences by splitting the revenue 50 / 50. We still firmly believe in the revenue share model and are committed to distributing 50% of net revenue as before, however we don't believe the old model is the fairest way of doing it.

Why change?

The previous model was based on a combination of views and guide ratings, however it was quite clear that guides on the most popular destinations offered far more earning potential than those on lesser known places. This meant a small number of people earned £100s but many more earned just a few pence. Your feedback was that this discouraged you from sharing your experiences of some of the fantastic little gems you've been to. Plus, our readers want a good breadth of destinations.

Now, whilst we could have played around with the weightings and rules to make it a little more even, you can't get around the fact that the top players like New York, Paris and London will generate more views and clicks than Wanaka (I checked that spelling a few times!).

This new way of distributing revenue will ensure everyone gets a fair chance of earning some money, regardless of which location or topic they want to write about.

How’s it going to work?

Every month we’ll take 50% of the net revenue (just like our predecessors) but instead of the old way of doing things, we’ll stick it all into a prize fund.

Each month we’ll have a draw and you’ll have a chance of winning anything from £5 to £150. And as the site grows, the number and value of the prizes will grow too.

What are my chances of winning something?

Our stats show that in May you would have had a 1 in 10 chance of winning at least a fiver.

When’s the first draw?

The first draw will take place on or around the 10th August for all guides eligible in July.

How do I get involved?

1, Look out for a notice during July asking you to log-in and accept the new Terms of Use

2, Write a guide (if you haven’t already done so. If you have, writer another and increase your chances of winning).

What’s an Eligible guide?

All guides that are live on the site (i.e. marked as Approved) during the month prior to the draw are eligible i.e. the August draw will include any guide that is live on the site in July.

Guides submitted for approval during the month have to be marked as “Approved” and posted onto the site prior to 11.59pm on the last working day of the month.

Please note: As the approval process can take time, make sure guides are submitted as early in the month as possible to have the best chance of getting into the next draw. We will not be responsible for guides not marked Approved prior to a month-end. You can check the ‘Write’ section for our latest estimated turn-around time for approving guides.

I have more than one guide... do I only get one entry? Is there a limit to the number of prizes I can win?

No, every guide goes into the draw.

Where can I find more info?

The Terms of Use will be updated shortly outlining the draw in more detail.


We hope you agree this gives you the best possible chance of making some money out of doing something you love or sharing your experiences of somewhere you love.

Of course, as always, your comments are welcome.