Things to think about before booking a trip to Venice

by Kayleigh Lamb

Thinking of going to Venice? You should. After all most cities don’t have streets made of water and architecture steeped in history, even if you only ever visit once it should be a trip that you’ll always remember. Venice is one of the most romantic places to stay in the world, and is one of the best destinations to look at for honeymoon deals and short breaks with your loved one.

Timing your arrival

Do you want to arrive for an event such as The Carnival of Venice? Or would you prefer to go when hotel rates are cheaper? You may pay more for the accommodation but then events in Venice are like no other.


Would you like to go when it’s nice and sunny? Or would you like to avoid the muggy heat that seems to appear in Venice during the summer months? Some of the canals may become a bit smelly in the heat so I recommend you consider the time of year carefully.

Where to Stay

There are a number of accomodation options in Venice, and with romance often being the reason for your stay you should try one of the many boutique hotels situated in the city. However if you are looking for more for your money, why not try booking an apartment for your stay. Staying in apartments has become even more poplular now with other major european cities, and Paris apartment rentals for example is becoming as popular as the hotel rentals. Either way you will find many accomodations options in Venice.

Tour Guides

Getting lost in Venice is all part of the experience but is this really any use if you don’t even realise that the beautiful building you have found all by your self is actually the St Marks Basilica? Or that if you had just turned left earlier you would have found the Peggy Gugenheim collection? If you’re already very familiar with Venice and know what landmarks to look for then this isn’t for you. But a guided tour for your first visit might be just what you need.

Rialto Bridge

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In summary, Venice is a great place to visit when you organise your trip properly to ensure that you're getting everything you need from your visit. Swapping things like your travel dates around can effect how hot you'll be, or just how busy Venice will be during your stay.

Have you got any tips or bits and pieces to add to the post? I'd love to see you post anything I have missed below.

Sites on the internet which may prove useful:

Travel Guides & Tours - Not your usual tour guide, the guides come in audio format! But very easily downloaded to your phone or ipod, and when travelling on a budget, this could be the option for you. You can also pick up tickets to the main attractions in Venice here from as little as four euros.

Travel Video Guides - Travelingo's Travel Itineraries

LoDingo Travel - Audio Tours and Free Travel Guides, ideal for independent and budget conscious travelers. - Professional tours in Venice are offered with a fully registered English and German speaking guide. There’s a large selection of tours for you to choose from, including the MUST SEE’s Doge’s Palace, St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge to name a few.

Bike Tours Direct - Your one stop resource for bike tours in Europe, check out the Venice to Florence Bike Tour with Kiwi, peach, melons, vineyards and sunflowers seaming the way.

Hotels & Accomodation

Hotel Saturnia - A family run business; the hotel has remained in the family for a staggering 102 years! Guests will also get a nice 10% off dining at La Caravella Restaurant which is certainly not to be sniffed at.

Monastery Stays - A website that offers lodgings within Italy with an unusual twist! Not simply convent hotels, but genuine monastery or convent guest house experiences in Italy, the monks and nuns have a long history of hospitality; you will experience a slice of life in Italy that could really “make” your overall experience.

Cheap hotels in Venice - At, their goal is to provide travelers with the most personalized, comprehensive and easy-to-use online research tool.

Tulane University Hotels - Find hotels near Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.


World Expeditions - If adventure is what you are looking for, then take a look at one of the world’s leading adventure travel companies offering ground breaking itineraries on every continent. The company has been operating small group trekking and adventure travel holidays and vacations since 1975. Take a look at the Backroads to Venice tour and cycle your way through the historic Veneto Region.

Freewheeling Adventures - Exactly what it says on the tin, this website provides access to tonnes of adventure packed holidays, take a look at the Venice to Florence bike tour where You will spend your days leisurely pedaling between towns and villages along the Po River Delta, the flattest area in all of Italy.

Art & Other Items

Italian Wine Guy – Not just an Italian wine blog, but an intent look into the passion the grape inspires, the roots it sinks into culture, family and time, and the way change affects us all. - This site offers a wide range of superior Venetian Carnival Masks to wear and suit your individual requirements. With many years of experience and an extensive network of resources, you can pick up Venetian Masks at sensible prices. All the mask makers are based in Venice and the goods are handmade to boot.

Galleria d'Arte III Millennio - Visit this contemporary modern art gallery in Venice.

Caos Gallery - Artist Association Gallery in the heart of Venice. Visit their website for further information.

Life In Italy - Offers daily News from Italy and original articles and features about Italian culture, food, a subject-specific forum and community,
and details of related news and events. Topics include art, fashion, cinema, genealogy, heritage,language, tourism,regions, religion, sport, travel, and wine.

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