There's more to Rome than the Ruins

by R.Bridger

Italy is famous for its beautiful and sumptuous landscapes making it the perfect holiday destination for romantic getaways. The country had three millennia of history and culture for you to discover, not to mention the tasty cuisine it has perfected over time.

Being the country's capital, Rome attracts up to 10 million tourists annually. So it’s no surprise that there is a list as long as your arm of tourist attractions to see and do while you are there. But what if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city centre and enjoy a relaxing break? Here’s a bit more information about what else there is to do in and around Rome.

If you are looking for somewhere a bit more homely than your standard hotel room, why not rent out a villa for you and your family? There are plenty of local farmhouses dotted around the surrounding areas which you can rent for a reasonable amount (prices will vary depending on the time of year). Accommodation can be one of the most important parts of any trip and a luxury villa is the ideal location for your well deserved break. Most people think of luxury rental properties as being far too expensive for their budgets, but if there is a group of you, the price soon seems much more affordable. And you don’t have to spend a small fortune on food either. Being able to cook your own meals can also help bring down the price.

Italian Farmhouses

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Not many visitors of Rome are aware of the sweeping Sabina Olive Hills north of the city and not only miss out on the beauty of the area, but also the chance get their hands on some of the best olive oil around. La Sabina is home to Europe's oldest olive tree - over 2000 year’s old- and it still produces a generous crop each year. The area is also home to ancient castles hidden between little towns all connected by lovely, winding roads, elegant restaurants and family run tavern. Make sure you take advantage of the local cuisine in this area, a delight for any foodie.

An olive tree in La Sabina

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The Sabina Hills can be found by following the eastern banks of the Tiber River, an area which has recently undergone lots of work to help transform it from a neglected river bank to an area full of art and culture. But by far, the most popular event in the area to date has to be the summer solstice. This event saw the Tiber River lit up with 2,758 torches. Each torch represented a year since the city was founded. People from all over the country and even further away, flocked to the local area to get a glimpse of the spectacular views and find a new appreciation for the beauty of the Tiber River.

The Tiber River, Rome

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So next time you’re planning a trip to the Rome, why not consider venturing further afield and discovering a completely new type of holiday. Naturally you can also indulge in the pleasures of la dolce vita: good food, good wine and good company! And for those of you that have visited Rome before and feel you have seen it all, why not venture out a little, there are plenty of other places in Italy that have vibrant city centres but their true beauty lies in the outskirts. Why not try staying in one of the remote Tuscany Villas  to get best views of the region. Or why not try one of the many Florence Apartments there are availaible?

When you visit a new destination, it is important that, to fully experience it all, you should immerse yourself fully. Don’t just try the regions famous local delicacy; learn how to cook it for you and your family. Don’t just stick to the touristy areas; take a taxi out of the town centre and eat where the locals eat.

A wonderful example of a different type of trip is to stay in Casa Gentili, Avane. Here you can find a unique place made of unique elements to share with people who want to learn more about the Tuscan way of life. Casa Gentili has been run by the family for over one hundred years and is conveniently located just 15 minutes from the centre of Pisa and Lucca. Your host Marco will make you feel very welcome when you arrive.

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