Thanks for the support

by RickMadden

So this week saw us announce that the lunatics had taken over the asylum. A big thank you for all your messages of support. It’s great to hear from lots of our previous colleagues, partners and writers. Especially those of you who have offered to get involved to help make it work.

So what have we been up to? Nothing you’ll find very interesting to be honest. Lots of stuff behind the scenes like fixing bugs, blocking the accounts of people trying to sell fake handbags and generally tidying up a site that’s been left unkempt (note to anyone thinking of leaving a site alone for two years... disable comments!).  And we’ve been chasing up the legal bod about reviewing our Terms of Use so we can get the site open to new registrations again.

Of course whilst most of those who have been in touch are glad we are trying to do something with the site, some are a bit more sceptical about our intentions. We’ve got a number of challenges ahead of us, but taking this on was an easy decision.  It would have been a real shame to see all of the effort that had been put in by everyone lost with a hit of the DEL key.