Summer of discounts expected by travellers

by Jeanette.Scott

This year it seems that travellers are being sensible, very sensible, as well as driving a hard bargain.

We recently conducted a survey among 600 users and discovered that the “buy now-pay later” boozy summer holiday is well, a little last year, and very few people are prepared to even consider paying the full price of a holiday.

While the recession hasn’t impacted greatly on the intention to travel, the survey revealed that the buying and spending behaviour around the purchase of the main annual break has certainly had a “morning after” makeover. It has resulted in discount-obsessed, more sober, no credit, sensible purchase decisions.

Simon Nixon, founder of Simonseeks, said: "The results show us that Brits are online, on the ball and certainly not prepared to either pay full price or use credit to pay for this year’s holiday."

In response to this we’ve put together the best price rules on how to ensure you get the best price for your holiday if you are still to book. Tips include booking car hire as early as possible and getting your seat on a charter flight as late as possible. See Fred Mawer's guide for more help.

The results showed:

• 70% of all respondents confirmed they would be looking for discounts of at least 25% on their holiday purchase and that they would be paying for the holiday with “real money”, either current account or savings

• More than 50% of all respondents stated that they are prepared to spend more than three days looking for the best holiday deal

• Half said they were aiming to spend the same amount on their holiday this year compared to last year, with 30% actually saying they were going to try and spend less

• 60% of respondents said they would be spending between £250 - £500 on a week’s holiday this year, which included the cost of accommodation and transport, with 25% of people splashing out and spending £1000 per person or more

• In the three day quest to identify the best price for their holiday, 80% of those surveyed spent time checking individual websites, 60% said they used price comparison sites, whilst 20% actually phoned individual companies, with the same percentage confirming the use of voucher discount sites

This more measured approach to budgeting revealed in the survey was seen to continue after take-off. Respondents appeared to be more likely to replace boozy Benidorm with more sober sightseeing trips:

• Half the respondents confirmed that they will be spending less than 10% of their total holiday cash on alcohol, but instead will be putting their money where their mouth is with over half those surveyed spending between 50-75% of their budget on eating out

We have a number of in-depth money saving guides on how to secure the best deal for each element of your holiday including car hire, hotels and short haul flights, written by consumer travel expert and Simonseeks' editorial director, Nick Trend.

Everyone who completed the survey was entered into a free prize draw. Find out who won the iPod Touch here.

What do you think? Will you be splashing the cash or tightening the purse strings when it comes to travelling this year? Add your thoughts below.