Skiing Holiday Tips

by Becca Mai

For a great winter break, there’s nothing that appeals more to some of us than packing up and heading to the snowy pistes ready for a few days skiing or snowboarding. Skiing trips are a popular choice with holidaymakers of all ages, including infants. As fun and exhilarating as a skiing holiday may be, be sure to remember about the icy conditions, foreign language and busy crowds. It is therefore always a great idea to plan ahead and become aware of the risks involved during your trip. Here are some top tips:

Preparing yourself
Going from a desk job or bus driver, straight onto the slopes will be a complete shock to your body. No matter how much skiing you expect to do during your holiday, it’s always a great idea to prepare before you depart and do a little exercise. For advice on what exercises and stretching you should do, visit a local health centre or gym. Many websites also provide exercise programmes and guidance designed to increase the strength and flexibility in the right places! offers a range of courses and programmes that have been developed with the help of top ski instructors and fitness professionals to get you ready for the pistes.

Ski lessons are also an option that can help you prepare for your trip; research to see if there is an indoor slope of dry ski slope in your local area. Visit for comprehensive tips, advice and opinions on a variety of skiing related topics such as learning to ski.

Choosing the right resort
Choosing the right ski resort that will make it an unforgettable holiday is one of the most important aspects when planning your trip. is a resource that can help you find holidays in resorts you may not have thought of originally, saving you both money and time.

The size of the resort is an important factor to consider as it determines the type, choice and variety of accommodation that will be on offer. Hotels and Chalets are always popular choices; visit for more options. If you are travelling with small children, a long transfer time from the airport may not be ideal. offer exclusive flights to Chamberey and Sion airports, which will dramatically decrease transfer times. From Sion you can be in the heart of Switzerland’s largest ski area (The 4 Valleys) in minutes!

Once you have picked the right resort, you may want to learn more about the place; both on and off piste. Keeping your eye on the weather forecast is also a good idea however local hotels and business usually provide this information daily. and provide in depth information and images of most main ski resorts including piste maps, regional weather forecasts, snowfall records and ski school information.


Hyperthermia and frostbite are not uncommon symptoms following a day on the pistes due to the cold weather and high altitude. These can be fully prevented however by wearing the right clothing and equipment.

Most people prefer to rent their skiing equipment for the duration of their holiday however it can also be purchased before or during your holiday. It is extremely important that boots, skis and snowboards are fitted by professionals and the majority of companies will fit them for you in-store. Many skiers and snowboarders, particularly children wear helmets for extra protection; these can also be rented or bought. For more information of ski helmet safety, see

The best way to avoid getting too hot in the sun or too cold when the clouds come out is to wear layers. This will allow you to adjust to your body’s changing temperature as you go up and down the slopes. Always remember to apply sun-cream for when it is sunny and wear the right eye protection (goggles, sunglasses etc.).

Having the right type of insurance is also an important factor to your holiday. is a place to compare ski travel insurance making sure you have the right cover for things you do both on and off-piste. SnowCard gives you 24 hour access to Assistance International who are on hand all day every day to help and assist in the event of a medical problem or emergency.

UPDATE: Before you head off for some snowy fun in the sun, check out the ski videos on; they will certainly will get you excited for your up and coming trip!