Simonseeks launches first Kindle ebook

by worldofjames

Why not take your favourite Expert on holiday with you this year?

Tired of lugging a weighty dog-eared guidebook around with you, being charged extortionate fees for data or waiting for webpages to download to your mobile device while on the move? Simonseeks has the answer with our new ebook, The Simonseeks Guide To London.

The book, readable on any mobile device with Kindle software, is a guide to London by our two destination Experts Nigel Tisdall and Jenni Muir.

Perfect for those travelling to England’s capital for the 2012 Olympics, readers can access Nigel’s reviews of London’s top 20 hotels and things to do and also get Jenni’s take on the capital’s top 20 restaurants.

All hotel and restaurant reviews are extensively written with details such as the best rooms to book or table to bag, as well as full colour pictures of the establishments*.

The Simonseeks Guide to London is also packed with essential information such as how to get to the city from the airport and how to get around, whether by Tube or on a Borris bike.

To save you even more money there are direct links from the ebook to our price-comparison service to ensure you get the best up-to-the-minute hotel deal, as well as a host of money-saving tips from our Experts – essential in these budget-conscious times.

If you’re planning a trip to London this year, Nigel and Jenni via our ebook are two of the best companions you could have.

To access the book, download it to your Kindle device here for just £4.63 and let us know what you think.

The Kindle book can be viewed on any mobile device with Kindle software. This can be downloaded to your PC, iPhone, iPad or Android.

* Full colour images available only on devices that can display colour images.