Sharing Simonseeks vision

by simon.nixon

From my experience of founding and running a number of successful entrepreneurial companies I have always found it helpful to set out a company mission statement from the outset. It helps everyone working for the company to focus on what we are trying to achieve, how we are going to get there, and to work better as a team. Over the last month, those of us who are working in the office have developed just such a set of values, which I hope you, our partners (the writer) will also share. Like any company values they will evolve over time, but these are the core statements we have agreed on:

Our vision
To be the global destination for travel inspiration

Our challenge
To create:
1) a community that helps, rewards and encourages the best professional and amateur travel writers to share their expertise with other travellers
2) a site that enables customers find the most relevant guide, rapidly and intuitively.

Our values
1) We share our success with writers, partners and providers.
2) We value the trust of our customers and avoid conflicts of interest so that we can remain independent, fair and transparent.
3) We communicate openly and share our knowledge with partners.
4) We defy convention: we are a disruptive technology, ready to adapt and change constantly, looking for ideas that could change the world of travel.
5) We're part of a community: we only do the things that matter to our community.

As always, we are interested in your feedback whether positive or negative – leave a comment below.

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