Post Travel Blues

by EmmaP

So you have just been away on a magical trip, you have seen the sights, taken in a new culture, eaten till you could eat no-more and all of a sudden… it’s over… a swift sharp kick back into the doldrums of reality.

It’s never easy getting over a holiday; even whilst on holiday I personally pessimistically start counting down the days till I have to return home. The problem is with holidays, is that they are always over far too soon, sometimes they are months in the planning and what gets us up on a dreary morning. I am very much a carrot and a stick individual – I need that future plan to get me up and motivate me, and few things motivate me more than travel.

But how to combat the post-travel blues? I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day and she said she cried for two days straight after a lengthy trip round Europe – she just couldn’t cope with being back in reality. That’s an extreme example, but when you land at home (for me at least) it can be a thoroughly depressing time. All I can see is copious amounts of laundry and the dreaded unpacking to contend with. Even that much needed cup of English tea cannot fill any kind of void.

Start planning your next trip.
So you may be feeling a little down after your amazing holiday - but wait! Remember you have just been on an amazing holiday, and while it’s still gloriously fresh in your mind, is the best time to capitalise on planning your next trip. This is a great time to start thinking about where you want to go next. It may be a little while before you can actually go anywhere, but dreaming is half the fun anyway.

Save, save, save.
You may also be a bit broke, holidays’ are an expensive business. This also adds to the sense of doom, no money in sight for the next adventure. Be pro-active, start saving tiny amounts that are reserved for your next trip. My Dad actually does this, he puts all his loose change into a pot, and it’s amazing how quickly it adds up. So even if it’s just a small step towards your next trip, it’s better than a kick in the teeth.

Get out there.
Even if you are lacking in funds – my advice would be to go and explore what’s on your doorstep. Go on day trips to places you have never been to before. One of the great things about travel is it opens your mind up to things that you maybe hadn’t considered before. Going on holiday also makes you feel a bit more adventurous and curious about what’s around you, your trip has most likely inspired you in some way or other, so harness that energy and apply it to home.

Get a hobby.
Photography is an obvious one, and we all love inspirational travel pictures. Hone in on your skills, practice your art, so next time you are snapping on a trip the results will be even better than the last. If that’s not your thing, maybe put pen to paper and start writing. Writing about your travels really helps you to focus and appreciate where you have been. It forces you to remember details in a different way to photography. You could start a travel blog or write guides for a site like Simonseeks or just keep a journal for your own memories. Or improve on a new skill that you learnt whilst you were away, yes, the location may not be as exotic but in the post-holiday-blues phase we must take what we can get.