Planning a trip to Rome? Take a look at these useful sites before you go.

by R.Bridger

With its infamous architecture, warm climate and countless eateries placed all over the city, Rome is a fantastic place to visit for a short break...but don't just take my word for it. Here are some useful sites about what else the city has to offer and also a few tips to help you plan your trip. These sites should help you find everything you need to plan cheap holidays in Rome, ranging from Rome Apartments for rent to free tours of the sights.

Images are a great way to get some inspiration before you head off on holiday. For some great images of the tourist's view on Rome, take a look at, you can also find some tips about how to explore the city in just two days!  Roma Every Day is a photo blog that offers a great insight into daily life in Italy. Forget about the endless times you've seen the same old pictures of the Pantheon or The Trevi Fountain, photos taken by someone who loves the city, and isn't getting paid to take these pictures, often have a much more realistic image of Rome and can be even more reason to book your trip. SecretRome features pictures of Rome, Italy by photographer Caimin Jones of real life Rome seen from the streets and back alleys of the city. Take a look at Ian and Wendy's Travel Pictures and Videos for some great images of all the places they have visted around the world including some pictures of Rome and the many sights the city is famous for.

Also have a look at for some other great images of italy and photos of toscana. If you want to find out more about the Italian culture, including the people, their customs, the language, their wonderful food and places to visit, take a look at, here you can find lots of information on Rome including a mini-guide and you can also check prices and departure dates if you know when you want to visit.

Roman Skyline

Italian Cuisine

A self-professed lover of Italy, travel enthusiast Jen has an interesting blog that focuses on her own experiences of the vibrant food, culture, history, and quirks of the Italian. There are some great images here and also a few tasty recipes that will make your taste buds think they are still in Rome even after you’ve returned from your trip. Another great site for Italian food is RomaStreetFood which is a site dedicated to Street art & street food in Rome. Most of the posts are in Italian but luckily if you can’t speak Italian, the pictures and the recipes are enough to keep you entertained. Take a look at for some tips on the Italian food culture. Here you can find out the correct way to poor a glass of wine and other do's and don't that will help you fit in with the locals.

Modern day Rome

A lot of information you can read in guide books and magazines gets dated very quickly. The highlight of one person’s trip could be gone when it's your turn to visit. Online travel guides are very useful as they can be easily updated. Once such example for Rome is KnowingRome, a blog dedicated to the art, culture, history and current events of one of the greatest cities in the world. This blog features weekly articles on the culture, news, art and history of Rome as well as information on travelling to Rome and things to do while in the "Eternal City". When information is updated monthly, or even better weekly, like Knowing Rome, you can be sure that you are reading about what a destination is like at this point in time, rather than a year or two years ago. The blog also serves as a showcase for photographs taken during the authors many visits to Rome and its surrounding areas.

Roman Skyline

Travelling with Kids

Unless your kids are the best behaved children in the world, travelling with them can be a bit of a nightmare. Things can be ten times worse if you are in the middle of a city you don't know, trying to read a map with a kid tugging on your leg. Thankfully Rome City Guide for Kids is here to help. The writer has a great deal of knowledge about the local area and it is clear to see that the tips and recommendations she has given are from someone who knows the area well. This blog is a helpful and unique resource for English speaking families travelling to or living in Rome. Isabelle’s Travel Guide is another great site full of travel tips and practical information from someone who has experience and knowledge of getting around Rome.

Moving to Italy

Moving home

If you’ve been to Rome a couple of times and have fallen in love with the place, it may seem like a great place to live. The excellent food and the fantastic atmosphere could be the perfect excuse to pack up your things and leave your old home behind. If you do decide to move, you may want to have a look at The site is has been running since 2004 and is written by ex-pats who have already made the move. A great resource for those who are considering a change of scene or have already left and want to meet with others in the same situation. You may also find a useful site to visit if you plan to stay in Italy for longer than your average trip. Giving you the chance to make new friends and meet new people from Italy and other parts of the world. They have information on how to look for jobs and housing while you’re over there and also language exchanges so you can learn Italian and help someone learn your language at the same time.

Getting to know the area

If you want to get to know the area while you’re there, what better way to learn than a guided tour. are one of the leading providers of MP3 Walking Tours (Audio Guides), with products available for many cities, including Buenos Aires, London, San Francisco as well as Rome. The tours go through the heart of Rome's historic center and last 2-3 hours.

RomeFreeTours have daily tours of the city that can be personalised to your specific needs and are great for any size group: from a couple looking for specialised attention to school or business groups on holiday. They meet daily outside the Mcdonalds in Piazza di Spagna and the free tours can last around and 1.5 to 2 hours. Another useful site for booking Rome tours & things to do in Rome is They have a list of 76 activities to book while you are in the city and these include walking tours to the Vatican Museums or Ancient Rome and you get to jump the queues if you book your tickets in advance. Also check out Nancy Aiello Tours - a custom Italy tour planning company based in Rome that provides private tours of Rome, Vatican, Florence, Venice and Italy's hidden gems for the demanding value conscious travelers and Italy first timers alike. If it's shopping you like then why not take part in one of the shopping Rome tours with Rome shopping guide and get to find out where all the best shops are hidden.

Take a look at for some tips on free things to do in Rome.


There are many different companies that will help you find somewhere to stay when you’re in the area. One great option is - This is a recently renovated seventeenth Century building located near the famous Piazza Navona. Thier apartments can comfortably sleep from 2 to 4 people and comes full equipped with all the modern comforts you could ask for. If it's a great service you're after, visit, premier concierge service for travellers who want to experience Italy's authenticity through a luxury villa rental.

If you want to find out more about Rome events and accommodation, visit They have apartments for rent in the ancient centre as well as Holiday apartments and B&B’s in the local area. Also check out This is run by Massimo who lives in central Rome. He loves to travel the world so his own apartment is often availiable to let at great prices for central Rome. There are also plenty of great sites to visit if you are looking for a Guest House in Rome city centre, or hotels near Colosseum, that cater for all different types of budgets and individual requirements you may. One such example is Kenzo&Kiara cente a guest house in Rome with some private rooms and a flat with view for Cupola of St. Peter's church. Make sure you do your research before you go so you get the best hotel for you. Another great place to visit if you are looking for the best accommodation of Rome, Italy is You will also find a link here to the site for Conte House - a guest house located between St. Maria Major church and St. Giovanni in laterano church.  

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Still not buying it?

If none of these sites have inspired you to visit Rome this year, have a look at this post on great books that inspire travel. These are the perfect reading to get you in the mood for that summer holiday or city break that you deserve. You are sure to get the travel bug after reading some of these classics. And if you've decided you want to visit another area in Italy, take a look at for accommodation in Milan or for accommodation in Naples

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