Optimising your own travel guides

by Charlie

Whilst our editorial team help to optimise your guides by amending titles and summaries there is still a lot that you can be doing to help improve the visibility of your guides within the search engines. Visibility in the search engines will help drive more traffic to your guides and increase your revenue opportunities.

Whilst we are working on a number of marketing initiatives such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to help promote your guides, as writers you can be further optimising your guides to increase their visibility within Google for example. Your guide can rank under a number of different keywords or phrases that are popular searched for terms in Google. For example the following guide by Anne Bird titled “Top five activity breaks in England” ranks under some good searched upon terms.

Top five activity breaks in England

One of the most important aspects of the guide is the title as this provides the indication to the search engines of what the guide is about. So the greater the explanation that is given in the title the better. Anne’s guide appears in Google under its main title keywords, “activity breaks in England”:

Activity breaks in England

And also the travel guide appears in Google under additional shorter searched upon terms such as “activity breaks”:

Activity Breaks

But due to the combination of keywords within the title and also the travel guides copy it also ranks in Google under additional search terms such as “activity weekends in England":

Activity weekends in England

However, this guide could also be optimised further by expanding the title to incorporate further searched upon terms that are also referred to in the guide. For example by updating the title to include the following:

From walking to sailing, top five activity breaks in England

By adding further keywords to the title we are now able to make up further key phrases that people will search under, for example:

  • Sailing breaks in England
  • Walking breaks
  • Walking in England
  • Sailing breaks

And by using the copy as well, the guide can be indexed for even further keywords and phrases:

  • Sailing weekends in England
  • Walking weekends in England

When writing a guide it's important to make it clear to all what the guide is about and use relevant keywords that you feel other people will use to search for online. As Simonseeks grows as a trusted brand your guides will rank even better. Search engines also like to see content refreshed as frequently as possible so they know it is up to date and current, which is a great reason to re-visit your guide and keep it current!