The new Simonseeks blog!

by simon.nixon

Welcome to the new Simonseeks blog, where each week we will be updating you with new website features and new initiatives aimed at improving your Simonseeks experience, and giving you travel advice and tips to help you on your travels.

We are interested in your feedback on each post so please give us your opinion on the topics discussed using the comments option. We have had a huge number of emails feeding back your thoughts on the site and also passing on ideas on how we can improve so please be assured we do look at every idea and comment and we feed this back to our team.

We have a number of ideas currently in development and new initiatives that we are introducing to the site and you will see these unfold over the next few weeks and months. We have recently introduced the new money-saving guide for car hire, which is a step by step guide on how to get the best deal on your travel arrangements.

There have been continued changes and enhancements to the "Make it Happen" section within the guides, enhancing the hotel information provided. We will provide updates on all the enhancements through the blog and please also give us your feedback on these changes.

We hope you enjoy following our blog and being kept updated with all that is happening at Simonseeks!

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