New incentives to write for Simonseeks: £20,000 in travel-writing prizes

by simon.nixon

To encourage new and existing writers to contribute to the site, we've decided to offer a hundred prizes of £200 to our writing community.

Interest in our new site from writers has  been overwhelming and this has really helped us build our content quickly. As you know our model is to share the revenue from each guide on an equal basis between the author and But while the site is still in its early days, revenue will take a while to filter through. So these prizes are an added extra to recognise the investment of time and expertise which so many of you have made and are continuing to make.

The cash prizes, totalling £5,000 per month, will be made to contributors between now and the end of December in the following categories: 

  1. New guides about skiing or ski destinations
  2. New guides to winter sun destinations
  3. New guides which fill a significant gap in our coverage, whether to a particular destination or a certain style of trip – for more tips you can check out Nick Trend’s lastest blog post.
  4. Guides contributed to Simonseeks before the launch date and which the editors feel have most enhanced the site.

We anticipate that 25 awards will be made in each category, but the exact number may be varied according to quality of guides submitted, and we may refine the categories after each round of awards has been made. In any event, we guarantee that a total of 25 prizes of £200 will be awarded each month

This competition is open to everyone. Our editors’ decisions on these prizes will be final, but the following criteria will be taken into account: 

a) Guides which combine excellent practical advice and insider information with a high-standard of inspirational travel writing
b) Guides which give authoritative and detailed hotel recommendations
c) Guides which demonstrate a particularly imaginative and engaging approach to a destination

Happy writing and good luck!

As always, we are interested in your feedback whether positive or negative – leave a comment below.

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